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3-Wheeled PediCabs May be Coming to Atlanta Soon | Business

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3-Wheeled PediCabs May be Coming to Atlanta Soon
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Atlanta, GA--  Atlanta Could Join Austin, New York City, Boston and San Francisco in use of new Transportation Mode.  Atlanta City Councilmember Kwanza Hall introduced legislation authorizing the operation of pedicabs within the city of Atlanta.

These three-wheeled vehicles are changing the face of urban transportation. Pedicabs, adult-size tricycles with room in the back for passengers, have gone from the occasional tourist attraction to a more prominent means of public transportation.

Whether they are privately owned or for-rent, the fleets may be incorporated in downtown areas, parks, and other scenic tourist areas where cities would like to cut down on traffic congestion and emissions.

Industry analysts say the demand for pedicabs will only continue to grow as urban needs and public sentiment move to greener solutions.

Currently the city of Atlanta Code of Ordinances contains no provisions regulating or allowing for the legal operation of pedicabs on city streets.

Under the proposed ordinance a city permit for the rendering of pedicab service in Atlanta would have to be obtained through the Bureau of Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire.  The hours of operation pedicab service would be 6:30 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Saturday, Sunday and holiday hours of operation shall be 1:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., under the proposal.

“This ordinance adds a progressive, sustainable intown transportation option for residents and visitors to the City,” said Councilman Hall.

Business, News, Politics