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Beverly Hall's compensation eclipsed other area superintendents | Education

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Beverly Hall's compensation eclipsed other area superintendents

ATLANTA -- Beverly Hall may no longer be Superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools, but in light of the cheating scandal she's been in the news more than ever, which is why 11Alive's Center for Investigative Action took a closer look at her, and the perks she received while she was in control.

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When we compared her compensation of $415,293 in 2010 to the other larger school districts in the area, we got a clear picture of just how she well she scored financially.

When you break it down per student, Hall was paid 3.5 times more than Gwinnett County's School Superintendent who runs a district with 3 times as many students.

There are no state guidelines for superintendents' compensation packages.

"Those decisions are made by the local school boards," Matt Cardoza, of Georgia's Department of Education, told us.

Now let's take a look at bonuses. Hall received $581,860.82 in bonuses, over a 10-year period, based on performance, performance, which is now being questioned. Neither, Gwinnett, Cobb, nor DeKalb County School districts give bonuses to their superintendents. Nor do they get cars. That's where Beverly Hall really moved ahead of the rest.

Hall was provided security: a car and a security officer who drove her around.

The car, a Ford Taurus, cost APS more than $21,000. The driver assigned to her, an Atlanta police officer on the school payroll, made $99,453 in 2010, according to documents we received; nearly half of that was made in overtime. The district couldn't tell us how much time was spent guarding and driving Hall around, but the officer assigned to her made about 30 percent more than two other full time officers on the APS payroll. 

Atlanta's interim Superintendent Erroll Davis does not have an assigned car and driver. Since he's new to the job, he says he's not opposed to having a driver occasionally.

"I will take an officer with me, if I don't know how to get to a school or have multiple schools to visit so I don't get lost," he said.