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Family of "Murder Kroger" Victim Speaks | News

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Family of "Murder Kroger" Victim Speaks

ATLANTA (WXIA) -- On April 1, 1991, Cynthia Prioleau was almost inside Kroger on Ponce de Leon when a stranger pulled up next to and started yelling violently. After attempting to run over her, she maced him. He fired three bullets, and she died.

To her family it was shocking and horrific. Not only was hers an unfinished life, but twenty three years later it remains an unsolved crime. Atlanta Police say the case is still open after an exhaustive search.

"She was only 25 years old and this is 23 years later," her sister said.

She wants to keep her name private, but share her sister's store. Prioleau moved here to get away from the brutal New Jersey Winters, instead she was shot in cold blood. She became the forgotten face face behind an all too real nickname.

The Kroger on Ponce de Leon has been known as "Murder Kroger" for years since her death. It's a nickname her sister hopes will fade as this store rebrands itself as "Beltline Kroger."

"I welcome the name change to Beltline Kroger because she was murdered and that's not a joke. And the killer has not been found," she said.

Her sister says she's made peace with the fact that this case may never be solved.