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'Don't Run' ad campaign suspended | News

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'Don't Run' ad campaign suspended

ATLANTA – An ad campaign designed to raise awareness about police misconduct has been suspended after some claimed the billboards sent the wrong message.

The Atlanta Citizen Review Board planned to launch the campaign as a direct response to the number of incidents of police-involved shootings locally and nationally.

Twenty signs went up around the city on Monday telling people "Don't Run! Report police misconduct."

The Atlanta Citizen Review Board said that the signs are meant to educate the public.

"While we're talking about officer accountability let's look at what we can do to protect ourselves as well," said Lee Reid of the Atlanta Citizen Review Board.

Some city leaders believe the billboards blame the victim.

"This isn't about people who are running," said Councilwoman Yolanda Adrean, "this is about the people who are shooting at the people who are running."

However, after some complaints from Atlanta City Council Members and other community leaders, the group decided to cancel a scheduled press conference and suspend the campaign.